Monday, May 19, 2008

Revisiting Ruthie Sommers Pink Couch

This was in Domino June/July 2005 and I loved it then, and I love it now. I am really warming up to the idea of doing a re-upols job (or having it done), on my $50. eight year old camel back sofa.
I was at Neophobia today, a great modage store here in New Orleans. The owner Amanda bought a chair from me on eBay, and at one time I listed a macdaddy of a glam gold wheat sheaf base coffee table on Craigslist. She was interested in it for the store, but I went to Buenos Aires and dropped the ball. The coffee table is great, but it is too big for the LR. She said she's sell it for around $800.
Today I saw a sofa in her shop. A kind of canape curve shape. Brown chenille (good fabric for the dog), with a burgundy bottom. Tight back. It's a Herman Miller piece, and kind of nice. I was thinking maybe I could work out a trade for my coffee table. I had the hubs lay on it, and he's was like, eh. He's fixated on the L-shape sectional with a chaise lounge, because I wanted one 3 years ago, but I've changed my mind because it is too big for the LR. They call them esquinero in Buenos Aires. But we don't really have the room.
We're hoping to find a free lance guy to do over our couch.
And where oh where is Ruthie's book? It was supposed to be out in March! I pre-ordered it so long ago. I tried to call in some favors with some old friends at Conde Nast to see if anyone had a preview copy (ditto for the Domino book coming out), but no one has seen it yet. In the meantime, you can go to Ruthie's web site and look at the pretty pictures HERE

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