Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ant Chandys

This one is made of plaster

And then the nutty professor graduated to aluminum

I was half asleep this morning, watching CBS Sunday Morning HERE
There was this crazy story about a professor in Tallahassee pouring hot molten aluminum down ant hill holes so he could get these perfect castings of the elaborate subterranean ant colonies. When the hot metal cooled off he pulled this long thing out of the ground, that was so wild and fascinating and beautiful. It looked like some modern chandelier. All you need is a light bulb.
When asked about pouring hot metal on the poor ants, he shrugged it off in the name of science.
Take the time to watch this. It's called The Secret World Of Ants. It's a hot fierce mess.


PJH said...

This is amazing! AMAZING! Wow, those colonies are so beautiful! They would make great chandeliers, or maybe recast the aluminum and make hats! As always, thanks for the support. This was an awesome video. Oh! To post the video, just go to the cbs website, click on share, then copy the letters and figures in the embed section. Paste it into the blog posting and the video will appear. YAY ANTS!

visual vamp said...

hey babe, glad you like the ants - i could see it as hat too! i tried to do the paste thing on blogsopt, but it wouldn't let me do it. i'll figure it out when i'm not so tired. thanks for your help. sweet dreams...