Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bonjour RSVP? Say It Isn't True

Dinner at our house - please RSVP

We'll send you a cute invitation, but please RSVP

The New York Times Magazine says bonjour to the RSVP HERE
They say that in the age of evites (which I hate) people can see who's been invited, and they hold out for maybe a better evite somewhere else. The article also says that IF people actually do RSVP they often don't show up! Or they don't RSVP and then show up! Say What???!!!!
I still give dinner parties. Sit down dinner parties. If we shop, spend money on food and booze, clean the house, cook, set the table, we do so because we enjoy it. The part of the bargain of the invited guest is to RSVP.
What do you think? Evites? Is the RSVP dead? Are we really becoming so busy, so boorish, so jaded that a gracious invitation means nothing?


Sneaky Chic said...

I know evites are easier, but there is just something special about a REAL invitation.

visual vamp said...

sneaky! I love ya! thanks for letting me know you're out there! evites are okay, but what is NOT okay, is not letting your hostess know a yes, a no, or even a maybe. or showing up when you never let her know. and i would love to have you and your honey come to the bed and tango!