Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Does Anyone Own This Faux Saarinen Table From Ikea?

Is it good, or is it nasty?

The Faux Saarinen in O at Home

I get on these jags where I have to have design icons. Last year I had to have an X bench. I got a few from eBay, and ended up selling them all. I had to have a glam gold wheat sheaf base coffee table. It's stored away, because it's too big. I had to have a pair of white leather Wassily chairs. Purchased and re-sold. I have an old Eames chair, and so far so good. Now I want a little Saarinen side table, or maybe this faux number from Ikea to use somewhere in the house. I don't need or have room for another dining table, I want a side table, but still this is such a deal...
This is the Docksta table, and it's only $149. HERE Of course there are no Ikea stores in New Orleans, and it costs $150. to ship it. With the price of gas, it doesn't seem that great to borrow a pick-up truck and dash over to Houston, where the nearest Ikea store is.
Does anyone own this table? Is it nasty cheap? Does anyone have a little Saarinen side table for sale?

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