Monday, May 19, 2008

Iman Is Messing With My Mind On HSN

Her hypnotic drone of a voice has me under a spell

Plum patent

Purple snake

It comes in yellow, blue, purple, tan snake
And black and plum patent

I finally got my big ass out in the yard and tried to weed whack. I was going good for about 15 minutes, when the thing started smoking and throwing off sparks (it's the kind you plug in), and stinking like a poor burning thing. The hubs came out and pronounced it DOA. It's a piece of crap, but I don't think it helped that he left it out in the rain the other day. He poo-pooed my concern, saying the rain would clean it. So there I am like an old peasant woman pulling weeds by hand. And I was trying to rig up a fountain, which failed because the urn I'm trying to use has a hole in it, and stuffing it with a piece of pink foam rubber did not do the trick. So I got squirted and made the pig mess of a mud yard worse. I did a poor white trash thing and laid some pieces of plywood down and set my plastic Adirondack chairs on it, trying to visualize a deck situation. Right now it's hopeless. We have Bed and Tango guests coming Thursday, and I guess I'll just have to let them have the wrong impression of our yard in the hood.
Anyhoo, exhausted and prone on the couch, barely able to flip channels, I stall on Home Shopping, and there's Mrs. David Bowie, Iman talking. At least I think she was because you could barely see her lips move, and she never changes her expression. She looks like Maya Rudolph on SNL doing her. Iman was hawking her line of Global something. These big purses were on for about ten minutes, and I swear to God, I started to think about buying one! Well, you get the free make-up too! It's that voice, mesmerizing me into buying this.
What do you think, is it ugly or not ugly?
Cholo saved me by licking my my face, and bringing me to my senses long enough to change the damn channel.
Big Iman purses (you can put your lap top in it) about $140. at HSN HERE

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