Thursday, May 29, 2008

Geezerettes I Love - Norma Kamali

From her line in the Spiegel catalog
This jacket is $39.99
How low will the price get at Wal Mart?

Kamali off the rack at Nordstroms
About $140.
Not a Wal Mart price point
but not too expensive

Norma Kamali is a New York-based fashion designer born in 1945. Kamali is credited with inventing many popular designs including the sleeping bag coat, a collection of styles created from actual silk parachutes, high heeled sneakers, and the popular packable, multi-use poly jersey clothing that can be worn in up to thirty variations per design. She also popularized the use of cotton jerseys in daywear in the 1980s. Read her complete bio HERE

To me she was one of the many women I knew in NYC through someone else. You know, you would be at a party or at a club, and you'd get introduced. Maybe you'd swing by her loft and see what she was working on, and maybe buy something. I worked in a hot trendy restaurant in Soho for six years, and she'd come in for lunch.
I wore her clothes. I especially liked her 40's inspired bathing suits. I also loved the ruched leggings with ruched tunic tops. She had a killer perfume at one time. Only she could make church incense in a bottle smell sexy.

The buzz is that she's done a line for Wal Mart and that it will be in the stores by Fall.

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NYCLQ said...

I LOVED Norma back "in the day!!! and even today... she's a Fabulous Icon Of STYLE!!!