Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome All Things Bright and Beautiful

If color's your thing, this is your blog

This is really a terrific blog - eye candy, sweet blogger, smart blogger - please have a look HERE
I am adding All Things Bright and Beautiful to Blogs and Sites You Might Like, so you can spend more time feeding your addiction...

This is a portion of an interview with the author done by another great bloginista Hidden In France:

HIF: Felicity, author of All Things Bright And Beautiful, and I live on opposite side of the world but we speak the international language of color. Most of you read her blog already and hers is one of the first I rush to in the morning. She is also the reigning queen of blogging tips. She was kind enough to answer a few probing yet insightful questions for my readers. After this masterfully conducted interview, I feel confident I could apply for a job with CNN or the Washington Post.
Felicity, when I first discovered your blog and praised the scope of your knowledge and research, you minimized it by saying you had nothing better to do than be in front of the computer since you were nursing twins. Needless to say, I was impressed. How many children do you have, and more relevant to blogging, when in the world do you find the time blog?

I have 3 beautiful children under 3 and I am nursing my twin baby girls and I blog when I nurse them--and a little bit more!!

HIF: I have found that expatriates make for passionate bloggers. We see our country of adoption with fresh eyes; we struggle with extended periods of homesickness. I think that blogging is therapeutic to expatriates, a way to connect with the world. Do you think that the fact that you live in Hong Kong is connected to you becoming a blogger?

Yes in a way I do, we also don’t have a TV – so I have to do something to keep my brain active...

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corine @ Hidden In France said...

I feel so good about being a blogistina! So far i was calling myself a bloguette (being french and all) but Blogistina is sooo glamorous.

Thanks for the mention. I'm exicted!

visual vamp said...

Corine, I love your blog! I will be adding it to my favorites.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh hugs and thank you here too!! :-)

home accessories said...

i like your style