Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is There A Plant In The House?

I could almost like plants in the house, as shown here
I borrowed this photo from desire to inspire

One of many of La Lowell's books HERE
On sale for 50 cents!

One of Christopher's plant accented rooms

Okay, here's the burning question of the day: plants in the house, real or fake, yes or no?
Oooooo I can see the controversy starting now.
Remember the fab queen Chistopher Lowell? Sure you do - he was the LA actor/dceorator who had a TV show on for at least five years. It had the energy of Pee Wee's Playhouse. He was always screaming YOU CAN DO IT! He was very successful and started a product empire of books, furniture, accents, paint.
Why I mention him, is that he always used alot of plants in his schemes. Usually ones with fronds that he could uplight for effect.
Lots of people like the look of plants in the house. So much so that there are millions of fake ones up the yin yang.
I do not like plants in the house (or silk flowers - that's another story...)
Two exceptions: The Christmas tree, and an orchid plant.
I prefer fresh cut flowers. At one time I liked huge bouquets of dried hydrangea, but I got over that too.
Big showy plants in the house always remind me of a model home display.
My designer friend Michael sneaks a bunch of silk Rununculus into his living room once in awhile. The way he displays them is small and simple, and you have to touch them to make sure. He also uses a fake purple Phael orchid plant on the front porch of his Key West home, and people who pass by often comment on how gorgeous it is. Of course he cackles. Of course I tease him about his poor white trash upbringing, and the thousands of dollars he gets from his clients for giving them good design advice.
My point is, that if you like fake plants or flowers in your house, nothing I say will sway you from using them. But you can use them sparingly, and maybe have a chance of it looking okay.
So c'mon people, answer the burning question, plants in the house, yes or no?

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