Thursday, May 15, 2008

Style Court - The Blog You Should Not Miss!

There are blogs and then there are BLOGS. As a newcomer, I am astounded by the amount of talent publishing decor and design blogs. Truly this is the newest magazine format that is so exciting, because each bloginista updates interesting postings almost daily. Add to that the great photos that are also added, and you have a wealth of information and inspiration.
You never know who's behind the screen. You can conjecture, oh this one is young, and that one is not. Regions of blog origination are often revealed, and this skews point of view in such a refreshing manner. Glimpses of personal life are doled out appropriately.
isdibs has done another great profile in their blogosphere column on one the best decor blogs out there, Style Court HERE
The compendium of information on books, antiques, designers, artists is well researched and presented in accessible language for all. You get a university level course in all subjects to do with art, decor, and design.
I proudly add Style Court to the list of Blogs And Sites You Might Like HERE

From the 1stdibs HERE profile on Style Court:

Courtney Barnes is the gracious and dynamic writer of the popular design blog Style Court HERE one of the Internet's best for classic designs and antiques
Writing up to three posts day, Ms. Barnes and Style Court reach out to an impressive world wide reader base - a multi fold achievement for s. Barnes, who has been wheelchair bound from childhood for cerebral palsy. It is her blog that has enable this clever writer to overcome a handicap that only a few years ago would greatly limit her ability to "travel and contact people all over the world Style court has been listed on Time magazine's Style and Design 100, and cited as a favorite industry leaders including Margaret Russel of Elle Decor and decorator Ruthie Somers.

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Paul Pincus said...

Courtney's Style Court is the original and still the best!