Thursday, May 15, 2008

Teach Your Old Pot Rack New Tricks

I just love the way the humble French chef style pot rack has been taken from the kitchen to the living room, and is being used in this fancy beach house setting, as a display rack for the big shells and rocks nestled on a bed of moss. You could display almost anything in any room this way. In the bedroom you could display boulders; in the bathroom stacks of toilet paper; in the office piles of phone books. And don't forget the bed of moss! Okay. I'm joshing you.

My pot rack in my kitchen with, uh, pots


Sneaky Chic said...

If for some crazy reason, you ever want to ditch those curtains - I will buy them off ya. I LOVE THEM!

BTW- I posted my HGTV room, so stop by when you have time and give me some fab advice. :)

Happy Friday!

visual vamp said...

I'm just waiting for chintz to make a major come back! My friend Miss Anne gave me several yards of this fabric when we closed on this old house. I had enough to make 3 pairs of very long curtians, and one little curtain for a transom window. I love it too, and I chose the colors of my rooms around this fabric. If I ever ditch it, it's yours...Thanks for posting your HGTV room - I left a small novella for you to read...