Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm A Little Sleepy And I Need A Nap

They say creative people sleep less. I think the whole busy world is sleeping less. I enjoy my work, which for the moment is this blog. And the Bed and Tango we do, which is hard work, before (cleaning the house), during (being a hostess, dance teacher, chambermaid, social director, kitchen staff), and after (more cleaning of the house). But I am so happy with all the ideas, all the stuff I read, all the house projects we do, all the dancing we do, that sometimes I just cannot sleep, or go to bed before 3 or 4 AM. And I must wake up early because I want to start another enjoyable day ASAP. When I was a rock singer, the band used to say, we can sleep when we die. Sometimes it catches up with me and I feel like I'm going to die, or maybe kill someone, so I just take a little nap. Now don't start getting twisted because I work at home and can take a nap. I have done this forever, even when I worked in a real place of business. I'd just put my head down on on my little desk, and snooze. This led to me starting my own business, since most employers were not enlightened about power napping during work hours. So be it. I made a million dollars, and had a very pretty little iron day bed in my reception area where I could nap with impunity.
So what do you think? Power naps on the job (wherever the job is, home, office, Wal Mart), yes or no? I also have been known to pull over when I am driving, and take a nap too. Sometimes in the parking lot of Wal Mart.

The screen behind the bed always looks like a perfect scale headboard. I really like the way this one wraps around and embraces the bed. All you need is Holly's Tiffany Box Blue sleep mask to match the walls, and twenty minutes.

I love this glam white bed, and the yellow egg style chair together. It's so wacky glam. It looks like gray grass cloth on the walls, which is unexpected. Yellow (the new beige HERE) and gray look so good together.

This little woven sea grass day bed is the perfect nap area. But I might need some curtains to close, and Cholo (my cav) and a cashmere throw to make it cozy.

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