Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Want An Art Car

Rauschenberg BMW

Matching outfit

The quintessential painted VW bug

Mad for plaid, maybe I could do a toile version

The genius of Rauschenberg - it looks very Fornasetti

We have two ancient BMW's. They might be considered near classics by some because of their age classification. I think to be considered classic the age must be 25 years old.
We have a 1984 and a 1985 BMW 325e
They both run very well, and they are our main form of transportation. They small amount of upkeep and repairs, still does not match the dollar amount we would have to pay in monthly car payments if we got a new car.
I long for a new car sometimes, but I love our Beemers.
One of them is so faded by the sun, that the paint finish is matte and almost worn to the metal. Last week when I was doing research on the passing of Robert Rauschenberg, I stumbled upon the art car he did for BMW.
Art cars are nothing new to me. We see a few around town. We have often thought about re-painting our faded BMW at Earl Sheib. But sometimes I think it would be more fun to do an art car.
I don't want a hippie-mobile, or one of those crazy mothers where they glue tons of little toys on the car. I want something that looks cool and decorated. My friend Michael tricked out the inside of his jeep in designer fabric, and it is so befitting his decorator status. He even has throw pillows trimmed in brush fringe.
I thought about painting the car like a Fornasetti piece, or maybe an all over toile print. Since our company is Planet Tango, we think about doing tango motifs. Unfortunately my skills as a realistic painter are lacking. I have asked an artist friend to stop by and have a look. The hubs is a little queasy about it. This BMW is his first baby, and it is kind of sacrilegious to Beemer owners to do anything but classical restoration. HA! It's been fading from bad to worse for the past 15 years, and if we can't get a new car, at least I could have a little fun with one of them...

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femme hesse said...

I'm thinking I'd love to paint me a car! These look so cool. Thanks for sharing.