Monday, May 19, 2008

Rooms To Go - Truly Depressing

A highly rated RMS room that looks like it came off the display floor

I am a snob. I hate and bash big box style of decorating. I'm not saying I don't buy something at Target or Wal Mart or even on sale at Pottery Barn (Poverty Barn as Decorno calls it), once in awhile. Who among us does not like something cute and cheap?
But I have a real problem when people at RMS decorate their rooms to look like a big box store display. And I really hate the concept of buying a whole room of furniture right off the peg. A whole room is misleading, because drapes, rugs, lamps, etc. are usually not included. At best you get a couch situation and 3 matching tables.
But my pet peeve really goes into high gear when I see this crap from Rooms To Go. It's not cheap, and I would like to challenge any visual vamp to do better with the cost of these rooms.
I truly get depressed looking at this stuff, and even more sad when I think of the poor saps who buy it. And I chose the nicest looking rooms, not the ones with the big fat ass leather recliners...

This is the high end Cindy Crawford line
$2800. Lamps, rugs, drapes, accents, and chair NOT included

Another stunner from the model playing designer
Cindy Crawford "room" $2500.

Paprika room $1300. - accents and chair NOT included

The cheapest couch - $400.
There are hardly any tight back sofas
Most have fat ass pillows
This one has a tight back but a fat ass

I almost like this Cindy Crawford sofa $1200.
But at this price, the re-do of my old cute sofa is looking better

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