Tuesday, May 20, 2008

G. Page The Bergdorfs Of The Wholesale Flower World

De Juan Stroud in the Flower Market on 28th St. NYC

G. Page - There's just something so wonderful
about a man with an armload of flowers HERE

I spent many, many years in the Flower Market on 28th Street in New York City. My design business and work space (a huge loft) and office were just one block over on 29th Street.
I saw this article Pocketful of Posies in The New York Times HERE, and it brought back a flood of memories.
For many years it has been threatened to move the market out of its prime mid town location to the Bronx Hunt's Point Market. But luckily it never happened. I cannot imagine 28th Street without the Flower Market, nor can I imagine all the girls and boys who are designers schlepping out to the Bronx. One of the reasons small independent designers can make a living, is that the market is so accessible.
G. Page was my favorite place.
Gary Page is an English transplant. He married into the business via the Atlas family, who still have one of the biggest floral design companies in the world, Atlas Floral Decorators. They also own one of the better wholesale flower businesses on 28th Street called Fischer (Mel the father- in-law) and Page (Gary the son-in-law). Gary knew nothing about flowers, but he learned the business fast. More than that he had the uncanny knack for buying designer style boutique flowers that no one else had. He also loved flowers, and his customers. There was nothing more charming than to be called madam by Gary with his British accent and sexy smile at 6 AM.
As first marriages often go by the wayside, so did Gary and Mel's relationship go, though the name of the store remains. Without missing a beat Gary opened G. Page, taking a huge following of discerning customers with him. He also married again within the business, to the talented Priscilla owner of her own floral design business, Glorimundi HERE.
So enjoy the article. There's a nice slide show, with some tips for arranging flowers.

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