Monday, May 26, 2008

Celerie Kemble - Look Book

Interior Design by Celerie Kemble
New York project

At the office - her web site photo

Yummy Mummy with her son Rascal

On site of an interior design project

With her dog Anchovie

With the hubs Boykin

Palm Beach job


Celerie Kemble has it all:

  • She looks like Caroline Bisset Kennedy, or one of the women on Cashmere Mafia
  • She has a cute husband who has a good job
  • They have weird-cute names
  • She has an adorable child and her pre baby figure
  • She has a great wardrobe
  • She's a socialite and a celebrity and goes to great parties
  • She has a cute dog
  • She has her own interior design firm in NYC and Palm Beach
  • She has a merchandise line of furniture and fabrics
  • She has a book coming out in November
Should we hate her? Want to be her? Love her?

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love Celerie Kembal! I have posted on her myself, love her work.