Friday, May 23, 2008

Dogs In Our Decor - The Photos You Sent

The babies of Cote de Texas

I wrote a little story about dogs in our decor HERE
I asked you to please send me photos of your babies. These are the first two I got, and they are just wonderful! Thanks so much!
So get in on the fun and send me a photo of your pets ensconced in your decor!


Cote de Texas said...

Aw chat!!!!! so cute - those are my babies alright-- Sammie Jo and Georgie. The funny thing is that this picture is a fake! We couldn't get the two of them posed together like that so the photographer took one of Sammie Jo and then one of Georgie and spliced them together!!! Thanks for showing them Mz. Vamp

visual vamp said...

What a great job the photog did! Is this just a photo for the family album, or was it styled for something else. Your room is so pretty. I love that it is classic and current without being Ruthie-Kelly-Domino modage. You are a talent darlin' Thanks again for the photo...