Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Because You Can Wear It, Doesn't Mean You Should

Cher and Tina were on Oprah a week ago
I just saw a rerun of it tonight

My dear friend Miss Anne, who was a very snappy dresser, an elegant woman inside and out, and who passed away just short of her 91st birthday, gave me the above piece of wisdom. Miss Anne was a petite lady, a size 4. She didn't dress "old", she kept current (she read every new fashion and decor magazine every month), but she didn't dress "young" either. She had allure, so much so that every male from age 1 to 100 fell in love with her. And every woman too.

I am not an age basher, whether you are young or old. Tina is 68, and Cher is 61. Both of them are wealthy women. Tina has had a significant other for the past 22 years. They announced on the Oprah Winfrey Show last week that they are going back to work.
Cher signed up for 200 shows over the next two years in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace, and Tina starts a road tour in October.
They also performed on Oprah. I'm not saying they were bad - they were okay. Tina has her young dancers doing most of the jumping around - she kind of lip syncs her dancing. Cher just looks and sounds like Cher, only thicker (one of my ex-es said we don't get fatter with age, we get thicker).
They are not fat by any means. Probably around a size 12. But those mini costumes just do not do their still lovely bodies any justice. I wish Stacy and Clint of What Not To Wear would do a whole bunch of shows for women over 50. Well over 50. And none of that 50 is the new 30 crap.
I really love these two woman, so it broke my heart and made me wince when I saw them on Oprah. Surely they could find some other way to feel useful and fulfilled by now, even if only to reinvent their stage personae a bit, a refinement of their act to match their seniority. Maybe unplugged Tina? Maybe the Fashion House of Cher on QVC?

And it went from sad to really bad when the camera would catch Oprah off stage mouthing all of Tina's words, and jiggling around. With all her money, all her spiritual hoo ha, all her power, here she is acting like some pathetic wannabe, but can-never-be (a professional singer, and God forbid, dancer). But WTF there she is on stage with Cher and Tina and she still has a microphone in her hands! Yikes! It was like a drunken auntie at a wedding snatching the microphone out of the wedding singer's hand.
So ladies, please, just because you can wear it, doesn't mean you should.

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