Monday, May 26, 2008

Regency Rudux - Another Book On Pre-Order

Get this book in My Favorites

The Peak Of Chic wrote about it back in March HERE
Amazon just added it to its recommendations for me, so I pre-ordered it.
Published by Rizzoli with a foreword by Kelly Wearstler, how bad (or good) can it be?
So along with the other gals, Ruthie (The LA House, past its due date of March), and Debbie (Domino Book Of Decorating - also due out in October), I should have a pig out reading session in the Fall. Oh yeah, Celerie Kemble, another dahling of the moment also has a book coming too. Celerie - what a name. Reminds of being called Celery Valorie when I was a kid, for no apparent reason other than silly kid style playground rhyming.

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