Saturday, May 10, 2008

Juliet Custom Furnishings

Juliet Custom Furnishings - me wantee everything!

Mirror chest with Hermes scarf covered pillow on top

$5200. Louis VXI style sofa featured in Domino
A girl can dream...

The hubs and I are on a serious walking program. We got used to walking alot in Buenos Aires, and thought it would help keep us from gaining weight while we were also eating there. Ha! And Ha Ha! So now we are walking way more, and eating way less. We already dropped a few pounds, but we have a ton to go.
So I'm bringing along my digital Barbie camera, and will be snapping photos of Great Stores, and things that catch my vampy fancy on the street.
This is Juliet. A very cool store. I'm going to call and ask if they'll let me take some photos inside this gorgeous store.

Juliet Custom Furnishings
2108 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70130-5017
Phone: (504) 561-5696

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