Sunday, May 11, 2008

Peak Of Chic at Rate My Space - Why?

This dog photo posted on Rate My Space has a better rating than Peak Of Chic

This is what Peak Of Chic posted at Rate My Space

Space that nyclq, a veteran darling at Rate My Space, posted

This is too funny. The acclaimed and pretty famous big girl (and high brow) pro design maven and blogger Peak Of Chic HERE posted her first space on the populist Rate My Space HERE.
I love her work. Why she would want to get on Rate My Space is beyond me. Read about this talented woman's accomplishments at 1stdibs. Go to their blogosphere column and click on Jennifer Dwyer (it's one of the best ones they have done) HERE
Also Google Jennifer Dwyer 1stdibs because the direct link is faulty, and you have to monkey around on 1stdibs to get to their blogoshere column. It's worth reading...
Rate My Space is a place where "clever" and sweet titles go hand in hand with photos of pets and flowers. Rooster Day is a big deal. It is a strongly knit group that considers itself a family. Veteran favorites score the most of the coveted five stars, and where tongue lashings and pettiness can rule the day. Conversely there is a group of very nice posters who seem to be on RMS 24/7 who ALWAYS have something nice to say, and a star or two to throw your way.
Peak Of Chic did not actually post a picture of any of her own rooms, but rather a portfolio piece (not from her portfolio). The bitch squad came sniffing her out, but were pretty tame once she fessed up. She claims ignorance in not knowing how to post photos of her own home (which I would love to see), which seems odd, since Rate My Space uploading is as easy as her uploading on her very savvy blogspot. Currently Peak Of Chic's Rate My Space is entitled Palm Beach Royal Retreat and it has 2.8 stars. Read the RMS comments HERE
Check out veteran pro nyclq HERE
His title on his post today is Moms Been Served, and he currently has 3.7 stars and tons of gushing fans.
You can visit my spaces on Rate My Space by searching my name there: mariposa490
I have taken my share of whoop ass, since my house is basically crap, and I'm not a bed- in-the- bag big box kind of gal. I also have gotten very kind treatment, especially since RMSers are finding my blog and getting to know me better. I have pretty much shown all the spaces I have, and whip up something to post once in awhile to keep in touch with some of the folks I made friends with there. RMS was my first foray into the world of an inter active inter net design experience, that ultimately led me to start Visual Vamp.
If you want to read an earlier piece about RMS you can read it HERE


The Peak of Chic said...

Hi there! Love your blog. And thanks for the kind words too! Just wanted to let you know there must be another Peak of Chic lurking around on that website. It's not me! When I read your post I started wondering "What's this Rate My Space? And did I post a photo on it?"! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that it's not me. I'll be visiting your blog often!

visual vamp said...

Hi Jennifer, Isn't that funny that someone else is using your very famous name?! I stand corrected that you are NOT on RMS. Like I said, why on earth would you want to be. There are plenty of better ways to waste time LOL Thanks for finding my blog and please keep reading...You are a wonderful role model...