Monday, May 12, 2008

Soul Sister Decor - How Nice Is This!

Love the poison apple green couch, the table, the rug, the pink chair...

You can't go wrong with this now classic pairing - old table with Ghost chairs
Look close at the crooked candles on the table -
Love that the stylist left it au natural!

The bar is a very important local institution in this town -
This sideboard is almost as good as mine

Nice little breakfast area with mismatched chairs

These are pictures from one of those free magazines that you find in the local coffee shop.
I love this decor, that looks at first glance to be offhand and accessible to anyone who shops second hand sources, and also has the money to shop in some really nice stores.
Upon closer inspection you can see the thought and artistry behind all this.
The petite brunette who owns this old house, that was renovated down to the studs by a guy she calls Cowboy is an ex pat New Yorker. She calls her style a fusion of a little Manhattan, a little East Hampton, and alot of contemp NOLA. Mmmmm is this about me (hey no cracks, I once was a brunette under this Lucy Ricardo dye job) and my house????? Did a secret photo shoot happen while I was taking a nap? The article describes the house as quirky and elegant, filled with tchotchkes, and yet looking spare.
The lady of the manor owns a hip shoe store, a visionary move she did five years ago. Most of her stuff comes from NOLA combining her love of mid century modern and antiques. She uses Philippe Stark Ghost Chairs with an antique table (from Tara Shaw) and a Swedish tall clock (from Karla Katz).
Her sofa is from Villa Vici covered in dog proof chenille in a color she calls poison apple. She has a lucite coffee table (from Perch), and a chrome lamp (from Design Within Reach). A 1960's pink chair (from Neophobia), and a cow hide rug complete my, I mean her, look.
My twin sister is described as far too whimsical and sensible to let herself get bogged down in too much "Louis this, Grand that. And being in the fashion business, one has to be somewhat mercurial."
Ah yes, another great Domino style blend of of decor and fashion. Amen my decor soul sister!
And aren't we lucky to have so many great decor and design sources to shop from:
Tara Shaw
Karla Katz
Design Within Reach
Villa Vici
And thanks to New Orleans Living May 2008, a truly great little magazine at any price, and to writer Diane Sustendal.

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