Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer Whites

Annual Summer Dress at Gallier House

Summer in The City
New York City whites - so refreshing

My own version of Summer Dress

It's like the oven got turned on this weekend. Humidity is in the 90% range, and the temp is in the upper 80's. It's breezy in that delicious sub tropical kind of way.
One sure sign that summer is here is the annual re-creation of the 19th Century housekeeping practice known as “Summer Dress”. White canvas slip covers, sheer window treatments and sisal rugs, now the rage in today’s sophisticated homes, were once an integral part of the Southern housekeeping ritual of keeping cool in the steamy summer months. Read more HERE
I do my own version of Summer Dress. White slipcover goes on the decrepit sofa; I remove the rugs to the bare floors; change lampshades to white; get our white accessories; use vintage fans all through the house (we try and do without AC as long as we can - the electric bill nearly triples when we run it, and we kind of like the natural air, even if it's warm air); remove a few pieces of art work and touch up paint on walls, which makes the room feel larger and airy. I also switch out all the bedding to white in the guest room, to lighter blankets in all the bedrooms and less throw pillows.

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