Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tango Dance Shoes As Fashion Streetwear

I was looking for a pair of purple ballet flats and got these instead

Tango shoes have always been sexy.
With the explosion of tango tourists in Buenos Aires, dozens of shoe makers have cropped up since my first trip here in 1997, when there was only one shoe store (Flabella) specializing in tango dance shoes.
The now famous store Comme Il Faut in the posh section Barrio Norte, has been featured in Vogue Magazine, and their shoes have been compared to Manolo Blahnik both in desgin and quality.
Smart shoppers who are not necessarily tango dancers buy these sexy, well made, and well priced shoes and wear them as fashion streetwear.
Yippee! Now there are dozens of copy cats and knock offs and stores with the fashion dance shoe with competitive prices much better than any fashion shoe in the USA.
Shoe companies like Nemisio Aldao HERE (the designer's name at Tango Buy) are now promoting their shoes to dancers for the dance floor, and for the street.
I got this yummy pair in the color purple, the hottest color of the season, for $80. US (slightly discounted from $119. regular price since I am dance teacher).
Since they are made for dancing, the shoes are all leather, with exquisite construction and top quality materials, AND are super comfortable.
I love the girly pink shoe box and matching shoe bag.
If you want tango music, lyrics in English and Spanish, books or DVDs go HERE


gitanguera said...

oh, lordy-lordy! they're absolutely beautiful. i knew i was in trouble the moment i saw the photo pop up on my screen. i need a pair of purple tango shoes!! ;) said...

Yes you do!