Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cottage Living May Issue Makes Me Feel Like A Nasty Naughty Girl

Very cool girl Angele Parlange in her pink pigeonnier

A very Domino kind of room you wouldn't think of as cottage

I love the way the stuff over the fireplace is arranged
Lucite table is hardly what comes to mind when you think of cottage

Love the nail head trim around the mirrors in this stock bathroom

Woozy from the red eye flight from Buenos Aires to Miami, we stumble through customs and immigration, to baggage claim, then having to recheck the bags, and re-do USA security for our connecting flight home.
We have a long layover, but no matter. We can meander to our gate, have breakfast, check our e-mail, buy magazines, watch CNN on the airport monitors. It's a good way to decompress.
I see the May issue of Domino, and it takes all my self control not to pick it up, because I know mine is waiting for me at home. I really want to savor reading it, when I am more awake. So I touch Metropolitan Home, and put it back - too much like all the modern stuff in Buenos Aires. I touch AD, lulled by the promise of country homes. Sterile as usual. I've already seen Elle Decor. There's a couple of Florida home mags, but no wantee. I am like a junkie freaking out. My eyes dart over Cottage Living a couple of times, and I say nah, but finally succumb because I must read something NOW. To add insult to injury, it is a very slim issue. I take it to the check out, and feel like a dirty nasty naughty girl, like I am buying some forbidden porn mag.
But, hey what's this?! It's actually not bad. If it didn't call itself "cottage," it might actually be good.
As one who combines vintage, antique, modern, and new things, my home has been described as urban country, something I don't really like, but I can understand. When you use old things there often is a glimmer of country AND gag me, cottage. When I lived at the beach, I didn't might the country/cottage moniker. Somehow I always miss the slick notes in my home decorating. There's too much stuff, too much color, too many funky things, and just too much me.
Anyhoo, check out Cottage Living for some good clean dirty feeling fun.

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