Monday, May 5, 2008

Food In Buenos Aires-The Four P's

One of the 4 P's - Parilla

Chimi Churi the official veggie of Argentina
Actually it's a condiment for meat, the green one a parsley pesto

Lunch being set up at our friends' B & B

Chicken and chorizo on the grill

Picada - often a meal in itself

Hot off the grill onto the serving platter

The food in Buenos Aires is great. There is something for everyone. But the four P's rule: Parilla (grilled meat, chicken, fish, veggies), Pizza, Pasta, and Picada (a platter of cheese, cold cuts, olives, etc.).
The food is very fresh, and simply prepared. Salt and sugar are the main "spices."
Recently sushi has taken hold in many trendy restaurants.
Also a staple are empanadas, delish little meat or veggie pies.
Ice cream is fantastic, closer to gelato than regular ice cream.
Bakeries have a dizzying array of pastries and breads
Bon bon shops sell world class hand made chocolates, wrapped in the most exquisite European style packages whether it's a gift, or just to take home.
Vegetarian fare is excellent, from salads to pasta to quiche like pies called pascaulina, to grilled veggies. Some ex pats have opened Thai and Indian restaurants.
Though you might miss Starbucks, the coffee is excellent, especially cafe cortado jarrito, a kind of mini latte or capucinno without the cinnamon. It is always served with a tiny cookie on the saucer and a small glass of water, and sometimes a small glass of orange juice.
You cannot get a bad meal in Buenos Aires, or a bad botttle of wine at any price point.
Most people don't ask "what restaraunt do you prefer?", because the same food is prepared almost eveywhere, from a humble corner cafe to a fancy place in Porto Madero. Apartments are small, so people meet socially for a meal in neighborhood restaurants. Service is good everywhere, as being a waiter is considered a profession here.
After spending a month here, we are fat as ticks, and cannot wait to get home to get fit again.

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