Friday, May 2, 2008

Even Here in Buenos Aires Sex In The City Buzzzzzzzz-a-drama

MIRADAS Magazine in Buenos Aires

Sex In The City Buzz in Buenos Aires

40 Something Wife, Mother, Producer, Actress "Girl of The Moment"

This magazine came in the mail here in Buenos Aires. It's really the TV guide.
And here she is SJP on the cover, with the inside pages covering the movie "Sex In The City."
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My friend Marc Friedland introduced me to his long time childhood friend Darren Starr a few years ago while I was in Los Angeles. Darren told me about a new project he was working on about New York City, and he thought I might like it since I was a New Yorker ex pat.
I was so ignorant about show biz that I did not know at the time that Darren was the producer/creator of Melrose Place, a TV show I did not watch ever. He was a great guy, generous (he lent us his house for a photo shoot I was styling for Marc's book Invitations HERE), cute, interesting, witty, relaxed, and very unassuming about who he is, like famous. Duh.
The show about New York turned out to be Sex In The City.
I watched it as much as I could. And of course I watch the reruns. I will go see the movie, though I don't expect much except for some eye candy.
I like Patricia Field (costume designer for Sex In The City) so much. I window shopped in her store alot on 8th Street in the Village. I couldn't afford the great stuff she had, but I was inspired to find the looks she created in thrift stores, etc. She and Betsy Johnson and Yoko Ono and Diana Vreeland were my role models for visual vamps who grow older in there own unique and fabulous way.
So for me Sex In The City was positive and fun, and really not unlike any fantasy Valentine movie about life in New York City.

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