Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inside Out Outdoor Living Rooms

My poor ass patio

The outdoor living room - truly a bad idea

Urban couch on the porch - classic inside out design

Nature's cheap and best clothes dryer and an eyesore to some sickos

Warm weather is here or coming. Everybody is getting out into the gardern or yard to clean it up.
I really hate the whole trend of outdoor living rooms. Now you can buy entire sets of furniture and lamps made just for outside. Then add a tent like gazebo thingee to put over the outdoor living room furniture, a TV set, and a ceiling fan. Decor TV shows feature crazy ass people making entire elaborate and expensive outdoor kitchens. People are dragging beds outside.
Say what?
Remember when it was poor and trashy to have a couch on the porch?
Outdoor furniture used to be a couple of folding chairs, maybe a picnic table, and a grill.
Or a rocking chair on the porch.
And a clothesline (which I still use thank you very much).
I have been reading about places where they ban couches on porches, and clotheslines HERE
With fancy washers and dryers (with top energy saving technology) going for around $1000., and electric bills going sky high, how crazy ass is it to ban a clothesline in some priggy gated community?
Yet the hideous matchy matchy entire rooms-to-go outdoor furniture craze is thought to be some kind of design badge of honor. Do we have so much money that we can now decorate the space outside of the house too? People go into your house and use the damn living room furniture you already have.


Shelia said...

Hi Mariposa! Boy, are you not feeling well today? lol Just read your blog this morning and you seemed a best testy. It's okay, lovely one, i'm just teasing. Hope you'll show up again on RMS with something marvelous and oh, make sure little Cholo is in the pictures. What a cutie. Have a wonderful day - just wanted to say hi! ;) Picklpoo said...

Reading other blogs gets me going picklpoo - Just had to rant and roll :-) And try out mean girl style of writing LOL Thanks for reading AND commenting. We will be home May 6, and maybe I'll do something with the yard and post it on RMS :-) Love ya...

mrsben said...

This is my chuckle for the day. Thank you!!!! You made some very good points. Outdoor rooms are all the rage. Why are we so like sheep and follow trends? We had a very long winter this year and broke the record for snowfall in our area but outdoor rooms are sprouting up in the neighbourhood just like the daffodils and tulips. As for outdoor clotheslines, restriction tentacles are spreading throughout the land. Well must go and do something constructive. Though I seldom comment, I do enjoy your blog immensely. -Brenda-