Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knock Off And Blog Envy

I started this blog to do something. I think of it as my personal magazine that I am the total boss of. I choose what to put in it. I write what I want. Anyone can read it for free. I had the crazy goal to publish 100 articles (or entries) per month, trying to emulate some crackpot idea I have of what it takes to fill magazine pages with editorial content. So much glossy drivel, so little time.
Besides trying to come up with original material, I vamp the inter net like a hot mess editor, looking for material that I can knock off in my magazine for my readers. Not everybody has time to waste, or long nights of insomnia, to play go-fish on-line.
Blogspot makes it pretty easy to design a nice looking magazine. It is intuitive, as my geek friends like to tell me, when I struggle with computer chores. It has been fun to figure out how to do things, like add links, and captions, and photos. I guess I'm a blog geek now.
Sometimes I get discouraged and think no one is reading because I get very few comments. I check out other blogs, and I get blog envy. I get encouraged too, because I do get a few comments, and people tell me they are reading even if they don't comment, and recently I actually found that a few of other blogs are adding me to their favorite blog list. Though I have only been at this for two months, my first entries seem like ancient history. I hate when the month changes, and all the titles I rack up vanish into the archive (blogspot does this automatically and there is no way to keep the entire list of titles on the blog). I like seeing the long list of titles, and miss them when I don't see them. All together they kind of tell one big crazy story.
So I hope new readers will dip into the archive, and check out some of the old entries from March and April 2008 (sigh).
I knocked off the pictures that fuel my chair obsession from The New York Times article HERE


Tobi said...

Dearest Vamp,

I am sorry.

Each morning I expect that you will serve up another helping of visual fare, which I eagerly consume.
Afterwards, I pause to daintily pluck the crumbs from the front of my faded AC/DC concert tee.
It really is that delicious.

Never once have I had the good manners to say Thank You.
I am saying it now.

Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble may I make a reservation for tomorrow at eight?

T. said...

You love me, you really love me...
Seriously, thanks for reading and writing have a standing reservation every morning at 8

Carole said...

You go, girl! I love your blog and it is the first blog I read every morning!(Or at 3 AM when I can't sleep) I love the photos you post and your smart ass mouth. Keep writing the blog,I think you have a great thing going here.