Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Outdoor Living Room - More Envy

I love the colors, the deck, the furniture...

Another view to show how nice the outdoor LR fits into the space

My yard is a mess.
The dirt and weed patch is overgrown and the weed whacker is on the fritz.
All the herb pots are dead or dying.
The Sago palms, the thorny bastards, need to have the dead fronds on the bottom trimmed off.
I need to move two hydrangeas that are languishing for lack of sun.
Weeds are thick in the beds in the front of the house.
When will I ever decide what to do with the concrete front porch floor? I hate the local custom of painting concrete. It looks so low class and tacky to me.
My excuse is that I've been away for a month, and that the stinging buck moth caterpillars are still around and lurking ready to get me.
The bathroom renovation is half done and takes priority, so all the pipe dreams of making a great new yard space might have to wait another year.

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