Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yellow and Pink, Yes Or No?

I want to add pink to my living room
All art, pillows, and accents can be changed, except door mural

Pink walls yellow accents -
I have a similar coffee table and yellow walls

I have all these colors in my living room, except for pink

My walls are a little more yellow than this

The poison green velvet curtains I am thinking of changing to pink

I inherited the yellow walls in my living room. We had to paint the entire 2400 sf house before we moved in, and the living room had a decent paint job, still clean. Yellow would not be a color I would choose, but it was nice enough, and we were tired enough to leave it. It's now four years later. I have grown to like the yellow, and I don't want to repaint the room until other projects are completed.
I brought along the poison green curtains from two past apartments. They are velvet, and the fabric reminded me of old Fortuny fabric. I had them made extra long, because nothing off the rack fits the windows in the old houses with high ceilings in this city. The sheer fabric in the center of the panels is scrim in a dark taupe color. I put a wallpaper mural on one of the ugly doors. It introduced blue into the scheme. So I added a lamp with shades of blue, and some blue tones in the pillows.
Summer is here, so I changed out a black & white toile couch slip cover for a white one. I changed out lampshades to white, removed some art from the walls, and brought out white accessories. A huge yellow-ish credenza has poison green accent color on the doors. There's a luggage tan color Eames chair, and a taupe slipper chair. The coffee table changes out - sometimes I use a small lucite table, sometimes two yellow-ish tables with green crackle, sometimes a gold wheat sheaf base with a glass top.
So the colors in the room are:
Poison Green
colors that I want to add a different color. I looked at the color wheel, because I was taught to look to the opposite side of the color wheel for the perfect accent color. Well the opposite color of yellow is purple. For those of you who know where I live, I am sure you are already laughing. I live in New Orleans where purple, gold (yellow), and green are the national colors, really Mardi Gras colors that pervade everything here. When I first saw this color combination I thought mmmmmm, but then it was easy on the eyes way quicker than you would think. Of course! The color wheel doesn't lie. But I just can't have a Mardi Gras living room. It's bad enough I already have two of the holy trinity of carnival colors.
I have been thinking about adding pink. Maybe pink drapes...
Or maybe I should just leave it all alone until I paint the living room...
What do you think?


Sneaky Chic said...

YES! Pink is so awesome and would look good with the colors you have. Play with it - you have the eye, so I know you can pull it off!

Soon I am going to post our Living Room on my blog. It was done for an HGTV show, and I am SICK of it. I would love your opinion on small ways I can improve it (because the Mr. will not understand why I want to change a room that was professionally decorated by an HGTV designer) - so, have to be sneaky!

But definitely YES on the pink!

*visual*vamp* said...

I'm dying some curtains and the toile slip cover pink right now!
I can hardly wait to see your photos! I have mixed feelings about letting HGTV do any of my rooms. Just because you're a TV pro, doesn't mean you have taste hehehe. I hope it wasn't Kim Myles! Please send me a link to your blog! Love ya!