Thursday, May 1, 2008


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Prom 2008 - Is the theme hos & pimps?

"Prom is a dance celebration and occasion that more than often takes place in the United States and Canada, usually within the junior or senior year of high school, and is usually held towards the end of the school year. The word prom is actually short for promenade, which refers to a formal dance that is performed at the end of a teenager’s high school career. It is a celebration of sorts of the ending of a person’s academic high school career and the beginning of the rest of their lives as they so choose to live it.

At prom you will dance, maybe eat dinner and the faculty will crown the king and queen of the prom. Other countries do similar types of things though they may be known by a different name, such as a ball." From Prom Dress 2008 HERE

OMG when I think of the my junior and senior proms and how I looked I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I was not into girly girl clothes then. My mother had to drag me shopping for a dress, and I didn't like anything. I don't even know how I got invited to the prom. I was smart and popular and involved in school activities, but I also was the school weird-o, the arty kid who purposely dressed unlike anyone else. I do not remember the names of my dates, nor their faces, nor anything much about the prom night itself. I do remember my senior prom dress being an empire waist chiffon creation in a color that was called Nile Green, which I dubbed bile green. I was dragged to the hair dresser by my mother to get a hideous up-do.

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